Hello Beautiful People!

That’s what you are you know… beautiful people who I cherish and revere so much! I truly do consider it quite an honor to be chosen as your musical mentor and place incredible value on the friendship I share with each of you! You all have and deserve so much of my respect for stepping out and stepping into the courage it takes to follow your dreams and your passions! Years ago I dubbed us all the BAMBAM Family because that is exactly the way I feel about you folks… family! It is completely AMAZING to me that by following my own passion for music, personal growth, and sharing knowledge with others, I have been able to thrive on a professional and personal level. I certainly attribute much, if not ALL of this “success” to YOU! THANK YOU, you wonderful souls! We definitely pursue and achieve success by working together!

Do you know what else has helped us become successful? Communication… good, effective, honest communication. Whether it is talking about a lesson schedule change, a personal struggle one of us is going through or a change in the current game plan of your studies, I am sooo appreciative of your willingness to talk with me about the fun stuff, the administrative stuff and the tough stuff. This has fostered trust between us… the glue that bonds good relationships. In each situation, my experience has always been that you are best served when I offer you the information or ideas that I have available on any given choice before us and empower you decide what makes the most sense for you. That is why I am reaching out to you all today… to have a family meeting of sorts LOL. I feel strongly that it is extremely important that we talk, rather than make assumptions, about the choices we are faced with concerning our lesson time together each week as we deal with our current situation at hand. Of course, I am referring to the attempted lockdown and the virus.

In order for our choices to make any sense, please allow me to express how I have reached these choices and why I am giving you a choice rather than just a blanket policy for all.

As you all know, Governor Wolf has suggested another lockdown be put in place over the holidays. This prompted me to do a lot of soul searching, researching, critical thinking, examination of personal experience and MOST importantly, many late-night conversations with God. This process has guided me in a very clear direction, arriving at the following conclusions:

  1. We are personally responsible for the decisions we make about our health and our lives.
  2. We live in peace and harmony with ourselves and the folks around us when we allow and honor the choices of others.
  3. Life is filled with risk. It’s what makes the good things worth it 😉
  4. Faith over Fear feels mentally and physically healthier
  5. The divine solution is always provided at the perfect moment with abundant grace
  6. This virus affects everyone differently
  7. Lockdowns affect everyone differently
  8. Music and learning are good for your mind, body and soul and therefore a healthy choice.
  9. Sooner or later…mask or no mask… distanced or not… you will come in contact with this virus.
  10. Many of us have been exposed already… and most likely exposed others…multiple times…and may not have even known it. Maybe even immune by now?
  11. Focusing on perfect health is better than obsessing over illness
  12. Regular human contact is ESSENTIAL for strong mental health & a robust and productive society
  13. No weapon forged against you shall prosper
  14. Perfect health and divine wealth are our natural states of being 😊


  1. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. I care deeply about each of you!


So… the way I see it here are our choices for weekly lessons moving forward:


  1. You can continue to come here to the farm in person each week. I welcome with open arms and no fear. As you all know, I keep a very sanitary home and do my best to clean regularly between students, yet there is still risk involved that you may be exposed in some way. For example, You may come in on Tuesday. On Thursday I get a call from someone that was here on Monday telling me they have been on contact with someone who has tested positive or they have tested positive themselves. I can only promise you that I will inform EVERYONE immediately if someone has been on contact, tested positive or is awaiting results. If you still wish to risk coming in person I am game. I truly believe at this point I have become immune and do not fear infection or spreading (this is my opinion based on observation and personal experience)
  2. You may choose to do online. I am completely on board with you! I am here to serve you where you feel the most safe and comfortable. In fact, I want to get together with all the online-only folks in a group zoom meeting and get your input on how we can make online more engaging and fun!
  3. You could call me an idiot and quit. That would be very disappointing, but I will understand and respect your decision, love you anyways and always leave to door open for your return should you change your mind <3


So there you have it! Thank you for ALL the joy and fulfillment you bring into my life each week. I look forward to continuing to learn, grow and be with you at what ever level you are most comfortable with… in person, online, or on your own for a while!


Also, if you are having financial issues please talk to me about it and let’s see what we can work out. I teach… It’s what I do… I am not going away 😊


Please discuss this with the important people in your life and then let me know which choice is the best fit for you by responding to this message with a simple #1, #2, or #3. If you have any questions, please ask!


With love & respect,