LIVE @ Home ZOOM Lessons!! 

A tremendous lesson solution when attending your lesson is physically impossible due to many situations such as poor weather conditions, transportation issues or scheduling snafus!

I don’t know about you but I am constantly in a state of amazement when I behold the completely insane amount of options available through the technological advances of our age! Many of these gadgets and virtual gizmos that we take for granted were merely a wish during my childhood years. And with the options changing so rapidly, it can be difficult to keep up wouldn’t you agree? However, because I am fascinated by the “world of the future”, I am always looking for ways to put these wonderful inventions to good use! Thus, I am very excited to announce that we are currently implementing the use of a free online service called Zoom Meeting. Zoom Meeting is a video conferencing service that is very user-friendly from the word go! This tool will enable you to have the option to have a live lesson with me from the comfort of your own home. While I do NOT wish to make this a replacement “in the real world” lessons, I definitely see it as the perfect solution for many situations when being here in person is just not possible for you. We have been in the “test” phase of this idea for a few months now with a couple of select students, and I have to say it has gone very, very well! In fact, so well that we are now ready to offer this service to everyone at BAMBAM Entertainment past and present! Here’s how it works.

 If you foresee any reason why you will not be able to physically attend a lesson, simply let me know and I will create a link to our “virtual lesson room” and send it to your Facebook inbox or your email whichever you prefer. When it is time for your lesson you merely click the link and you will be sent directly to the “online classroom” where I will be waiting (*NOTE* If you are a first time user you will have to do small download in advance so you may want to “connect” to the link 5 or 10 minutes early).

Watch This Short Example Video


Of course, this awesome to feature will require a “growth & adjustment” period before it becomes our new “norm” and a wonderful asset to all of us on our journey together. I am working diligently to ensure the roll out process goes smoothly for everyone and is implemented as quickly and painlessly as possible. I am confident that we can all work together to bring this tremendous addition to fruition efficiently and effectively. I promise to do everything I can on my end and I have no doubt that each of you will eagerly do your part as well!!

Here is a list of what I pledge to do to make this a smooth rollout:

  1. Create a “help” web page with tips on how to get the best out of your online lesson experience
  2. Help you get set up by scheduling a 10 – 15-minute “test” run at no charge to you. This is so there is no wasted time during your first online lesson trying to troubleshoot getting started issues (though there really should not be any as Zoom is really, really easy to download and use.
  3. Create a guidelines agreement so be signed by you so that we have a mutual understanding of protocol for scheduling, canceling, bad connections etc.

Here is what I need you to do:

  1. Click this link http://bambamentertainment.net/?page_id=3119 and read ALL the tips for getting set up AND having a successful Zoom Online Lesson
  2. Click here and read, print and sign Zoom Online Lessons agreement and return to me either in person or via email or FB private message
  3. Schedule a 10-minute “test run”  Zoom session with me so that we can get any glitches worked out together (again this is super easy so there should not be any issues BUT I like to err on the side of caution so we are not wasting valuable lesson time debugging)

I am really looking forward to embracing this option and all the yet unseen possibilities it provides!! Thanks to all for your help and cooperation in making this a successful endeavor!