This weeks tip is very simple yet very powerful.I heard a saying one time that did not make much sense to me at first.It said “Always lie to yourself; Never lie to yourself.” Ya……that’s what I thought too! A bunch of double talking hoooeyy!Then it was explained in this light. When we as humans are confronted with falling short of our aim, we begin to make up excuses for why we did not reach the target we were shooting for. You know……we say stuff like “well….I didn’t have enough time” or “It was just to difficult”. We lie to ourselves to ease the pain of the truth…whatever that may be. Instead, we should confront the real issue and vow not to let it become our unsurmountable obstacle. In this respect we should never lie to ourselves. On the other hand… moments when the doomsayer within is whispering in our ears…you know ……The one that says”Boy am I stupid.” or “Man, I can’t do that, I am a clutz” This is when we SHOULD ABSOLUTELY LIE TO OURSELVES and say things like ” I can’t believe I did that…..that is not like me I am very co’ordinated” Even if this is a bald face lie for the moment, if you do this enough your beliefs will change and your actions along with them.