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Acoustic guitar with notes              

THE OLE CROOKED BARN FARM is an inspiring & peaceful place for musicians to learn, create and grow!




Students can expect a warm and friendly welcome every time they step through the door of our 100+ year old farmhouse for their lesson. Each one of them is given very personalized guidance and direction that begins with the very first time we meet around the kitchen table over some snacks and soft drinks. From that meeting our friendship begins and together we commence to build a plan for your success, tailored to your style and set at your desired pace.



The Johnson family enjoys family time during their sister's lesson

Mom and the kids enjoys family time during their their daughter’s/daughter’s lesson.

Whether you are the “Mom & Dad Taxi” for the student or you are a student who arrives a bit early for your lesson you will find plenty of ways to enjoy your time with us. You can relax while enjoying a soft drink and snack in our kitchen. You can veg out and read a magazine, a book from our library or some of your own reading material on our comfy love seat in the “Veg Room”. Do you have the whole family with you?? No problem. We have a place for kids to get home work done and plenty of games to keep them entertained. Since we have 41 acres of elbow room, you may choose to relax outside in the summer months. We have plenty of refreshing places to sit around the property. If you are more energetic and wanting to get some exercise you may choose to hike on our nature trail or take a brisk walk down our scenic country road. You are our guest while you are here and we hope you’ll find your visit with us each week an added value to the way your spend your time.

Students range in age from 4yrs old to 75yrs young and come from as many backgrounds as their reasons for wanting to learn how to play the guitar.So what are you waiting for??? Let’s get started!!
Individual time slots are 30 minutes long and cost $15.00.

The Ole Crooked Barn Farm

BAMBAM Entertainment offers a terrific alternative to the usual experience of learning to become a musician. I believe it is essential to build strong friendships with those who are willing to share their journey with me and seek my guidance in obtaining the goals they have for learning and growing. That is why we provide everyone who blesses our threshold with an environment that is family oriented, peaceful, inspiring, encouraging, fun and supportive.


At BAMBAM Entertainment we specialize in giving beginners the tools & knowledge needed for a solid musical foundation while providing exciting opportunities for creative growth as they become more advanced. Some of those opportunities include live performances, songwriting and learning the basics of being in the studio recording their own material or their favorite cover tunes.



It has been said that “character is the ability to carry out a worthy decision after the emotion has passed”. I think most of us would agree with this philosophy. That is why every student who completes Mel Bay Grade 1 receives a pizza party/award ceremony held in their honor compliments of  BAMBAM Entertainment!








Hello! My name is Brett Allen Morgan. I own and operate BAMBAM Entertainment. If you are interested in discovering the secrets of playing the guitar and unlocking your true potential for creativity through music you have come to the right place.  I have had the tremendous honor and privilege of sharing knowledge, talent and life with incredible people just like you over the past 10 years. We have steadily grown into what we now call the BAMBAM Entertainment family, an organization of quality people who have made a decision to take their passion for music to the next level by committing a portion of their time and energy to building their basic skills and knowledge into a bridge that will lead them to the dream they have of becoming a creative and flourishing musician.


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