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Welcome to the Mel Bay Grade 1 Audio Clip Page!!

Mel Bay Book Grade 1

¬†¬†Learning to read music was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made! Not only has it added to my skill sets as a musician, it has also had a profound impact on my understanding of all the musical basics creating a strong foundation that supports my playing, song writing and value as a professional musician! In the early days I had no audio reference for all the songs in the Mel Bay Grade 1 book….. now after downloading and listening to them I am relieved to find that we were playing them right all these years haha!! Use these clips to in the beginning to hear what the song your are currently learn should sound like, then as your skill level progresses, challenge yourself to play right along with the track! This is a great tool and I am THRILLED that it is available right here via the Mel Bay website! ENJOY and ROCK ON!