Tips for a SMOOTH Zoom Lesson


Please follow these simple tips to ensure your lesson online goes smooth and your experience is fruitful.

1. Make sure the device you are using has functioning a video camera & speakers. Also be sure the device is either plugged in to  a proper power source or fully charge, reliable and operates efficiently (no lagging of freezing up). I recommend a laptop or desktop for best viewing but you can also use a tablet or smart phone as well.

2. Make sure the device you are using has a reliable, steady web connection. If you are using WiFi I recommend that you be in the same room or as close to the WiFi unit as possible.

3. Proper lighting will also help get the most from your experience. Avoid any lighting from behind you such as a window in the daytime or a bright lamp.

4. A quiet atmosphere is essential for many reasons. Be sure to limit or eliminate all background family noise and interruptions

5. Be prepared. Make sure you have your book or other written materials we are working with on hand, your guitar is tuned and have any thing else you may need such as reading glasses at the ready.

6. Log into your online lesson a few minutes early so we can get the most out of our time together!

7. Have FUN and marvel at the wonderful world in which we live!