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Finish Mel Bay Grade 1 = PIZZA PARTY!!!

I have heard it said that “character is the ability to carry out a worthy decision after the emotion has passed”. I think most of us would agree with that is a philosophy. That is why Every student who completes Mel Bay Grade 1 receives a pizza party/award ceremony held in their honor compliments of¬† BAMBAM Entertainment!

Ben Scrivens’ Pizza Party

Ben receiving his award from BAMBAM President!

Ben receiving his award!!

Ben had a great time!!

Ben had a great time!!

Gabby throws a pretty mean ball!

Gabby LOVES bowling

The "Dugout"!

The “Dugout”!

Whose winning?? Certainly NOT Brett!!

Whose winning??

Mom takes this game SERIOUS!!

Mom is SERIOUS!!

Grandma was there too

Grandma was there too

Lunch time!!

Lunch time!!

After bowling a round Everybody's hungry

Everybody’s hungry

The guest of honor enjoying hi reward!

The guest of honor

Josh chowing down!!

Josh chowing down!!

Kyle says YUM!!

Kyle says YUM!!

Nate pours some drinks!

Nate pours some drinks!

Big Daddy Jim Digs in!!

Big Daddy Jim Digs in!!

Gabby says HEY ...where's mine please!!

Gabby says Yes Please!










¬†Romesburg’s Pizza Party!!

Hi Brett!!! Um…….Did you bring the pizza??

DUDE!! I got my red solo cup!!! Where’s the Pizza!!??

Guest of honor gives his approval!!

Dad says time to chow!!

Hello!! Can we eat yet???

Ain’t I soooooo cute!!??

No cameras please!!



Harry Romesburg receives his certificate!!

I prefer the fruit thank you very much!!

Ahh!! A little dessert!!


Mason Scovil’s Pizza Party!!

The table is set!

The pizza is served!

Mom doing what Mom’s do!

The guest of honor digs in!!

Dad gets in on the action!

Nicholas chows down!!

Grandpa gets a slice!

Brad Harvey was there too!

Mason receives his award!

Brett Schreiber’s Pizza Party

Just chill’n on the couch!!

Everybody grab a slice!!

Guest of honor getting ready to chow!

Getting crazy in the kitchen!!

Proud Mom n Dad!!

Everybody dig in!!

Brett Schreiber receives his award

Mike Peabody’s Pizza Party

Mike Peabody receives his certificate!

Grandpa Chowing down!!

Brian in between eating and cracking Jokes!

Dad gets his too!

Guest of Honor grabs some chow!!

William Graham’s Pizza Party 3/26/11

Come on Willie git’r open

Mmmmmmmmmm good!

Mom’s got her slice!!

The guest of honor digs in!!

Every one is ready for some PIZZA!!


William Graham Receives His Award!


Luke receives his award!

Wash up before dinner boys!!

The guest of honor is HUNGRY!!

Mom waits her turn

Wachta got to drink Mom??

MMMMMMMMM More pizza please!!